Our Producers

Charles Dufour

Charles Dufour has seen a bit of a breakout in the popularity of his wines over the last two years.

The Scholium Project

Uncompromising, single vineyard wines from the fearless experimenter of California.

Hiyu Wine Farm

Hiyu consists of 12-hectares situated on the South side of the Columbia River Gorge along the Hood River tributary in Oregon.

Doniene Gorrondona

Situated in the coastal town of Bakio, there has been a winery on the site of Doniene Gorrondona since 1852.

Ori Marani

Ori Marani, founded by husband and wife team Bastien Warskotte and Nino Gvantseladze in 2016 in the Shida Kartli region of Georgia.

Bodegas Artuke, Rioja

We once asked Arturo Blanco what the philosophy at Bodegas Artuke was and he simply replied ‘we are farmers’.

Domaine Binet-Jacquet

Founded in Faugères in 1999, Binet-Jacquet produced their first commercial vintage in 2005.

Alepa, Campania

Situated amongst the hills outside of Caiazzo, Paola Riccio has been championing the rare Pallagrello grape since 2002.

Domaine des Enfants

Marcel Bühler founded Domaine des Enfants in 2006 and the area under vine now stands at 23 hectares

Champagne Clos l’Abbé

When Hubert Soreau arrived in Champagne from the north of France as a child, the family moved to a house just across from one of the oldest Clos in Champagne.

Pollen Cider

Pollen Cider started out as an experiment in 2013 when Ben sought out a small plot of untreated standard trees in Somerset to make his first Pet-Nat bottling.

Weingut Schmelzer

One of the pioneering wineries of Austria.

Domaine Jean-David

Domaine Jean-David has been organic since the late 1970s when Jean took over his family’s original 5 hectares of vines from his father.

Domaine de la Noblaie

La Noblaie is one of the most historic domaines in Chinon. Wine has been made here for so long that they still use a chalk fermentation vat.


Unusually for Marlborough, Folium is a small-scale winery with eight hectares in the Brancott Valley.

Due Terre Sicily

Due Terre is based on important, historic relationships with small, family growers working organically on the varied sand and calcareous soils of Mt. Bonifato.

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