Pollen Cider, England

Pollen Cider started out as an experiment in 2013 when Ben sought out a small plot of untreated standard trees in Somerset to make his first Pet-Nat bottling. From the beginning the project has been about finding great fruit from exceptional plots of trees, farmed without chemical inputs by people who care about the health of their orchards and land. The first release for sale, Pollen 2014 saw a second fermentation in bottle and has now been on the lees since May 2015, representing a totally unique example of cider aged like Champagne for an extended period.

2020 saw the release of two more editions including Pollen Silver, a bottle conditioned cider from old trees scattered around a single, South Devon village, and Pollen Bronze, an off-dry, canned cider from Herefordshire. All are made with a gentle touch – wild fermentations, no heavy manipulations, very low use of sulphite – in an effort to express the qualities of the apples that made them.