Makaridze, Imereti

The story of Makaridze winery and that of its owners Gogita Makaridze and Keto Puturidze is somewhat of a fairytale. 

Keto is originally from Tblisi where she grew up and went through university before working for the Georgian government in the far east for years. Upon returning to Tblisi she became well known for her appearance on the Georgian version of Masterchef, making it to the finals. Gogita on the other hand has lived in Terjola in Eastern Georgia for his whole life, working family land and making wine. The two met through their involvement in the Georgian wine scene, connected immediately and have been by each other’s side ever since.

The vines at Makaridze have always been worked in collaboration with nature and Gogita sees his role as that of a custodian of the land. As such, great care is taken to encourage a diverse ecology in the vineyards, which are farmed without the use of herbicide and pesticide. Together, the couple are an incredible team, Gogita with his unparalleled knowledge of the local terroir, grapes and viticultural heritage. Keto with her enthusiasm, outgoing nature, and ability to transmit their work effectively to a wider audience. Both have a deep commitment to making what many would call natural wine, but for them it is a question of making the best, most authentic wine they can. Their hard work together in the vineyard, cellar (not to mention their incredible hospitality) and their general dedication to a vision of rural life that is integrated with nature is truly inspiring.