LA River Wine Co., California

A new project centred on a selection of Southern California’s most ancient vineyards. Our friend Abe Schoener spent the best part of two decades developing his knowledge and unique interpretation of a range Northern California’s oldest, most venerable vineyards. Needless to say we were incredibly excited when he told us about his new adventure seeking out some of the Southern part of the state’s ancient vines such as the Lone Wolf vineyard with it’s 108 year old Mission plants. The LA River Wine Co. is bringing back single vineyard expressions from sites close to the very origin of Californian wine and what is more, these wines are also made remarkably close to the site where some of the original missions would have made wine in the 1800s. As usual with Abe, this is undertaken without dogma but with the application of learnings made with The Scholium Project. The results are spectacular, and we are honoured with the job of translating these wines to the UK, the only export market except Japan for these very rare and totally unique wines.