Cantine Matrone, Campania

With 2.3 hectares on the Southern slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, Cantine Matrone are producing authentic, extraordinarily pure wines with structure and personality that are a joy to drink. Winemaker Andrea Matrone returned to take care of the family vineyards in 2014 after university and stints in Sicily, Australia, New Zealand and Napa Valley. He now works with his cousin Francesco who is more involved in the business side. It’s fair to say that Andrea has a resolutely ‘Contadino’ approach, spending the vast majority of his time in the vineyards, deepening his understanding of the local terroir. The vineyards are situated across the villages of Trecase and Boscotrecase. The former being a lower altitude area at about 30m where Andrea has planted a field blend of local varieties in the sandy, volcanic soils. The area of Boscotrecase is situated at around 280m and consists of older vines that are planted directly over an old lava flow.

All wines are fermented only on native yeast from a pied de cuve with very low levels (usually zero addition) of sulphite used. The Matrone Bianco is made from 80% Caprettone with a short skin maceration and two red wines are made, consisting of a host of local varieties such as Piedirosso, Sciascinoso, Aglianico, Cancello, Cascaveglia, Fosso and Aglianicone. All wines are vinified and aged in stainless steel only with the aim of expressing these historic vineyards as clearly as possible.