Domaine des Enfants, Côtes Catalanes

Marcel Bühler founded Domaine des Enfants in 2006 and the area under vine now stands at 23 hectares, half of which were planted before the Second World War, with some planted over 100 years ago. Both he and his wife Carrie Sumner are absolutely dedicated to making great wines from naturally farmed grapes but also to the preservation of the cultural landscape and heritage of the region. As such, vineyards are ploughed by horse (Nina) and mule (Bambou) and vines are tended painfully carefully by hand so that no herbicides and pesticides are used at all. Yields are kept crazily low (10hl/ha for the Tabula Rasa) and the wines are made with very low intervention to express the truest sense possible of these ancient, deep rooted vines. The wines are stunningly pure, fresh, concentrated and balanced across the range with wonderful texture and density rather than flamboyant fruit. The reds are all sorted twice before de-stemming and a natural fermentation in concrete or 600l open top barrel. Pressing is done in a basket press before transition to barrels of varying size to undergo malolactic fermentation. The incredible ‘Tabula Rasa’ white field blend is foot trodden and fermented naturally in 400l barrels where it develops on the lees for at least for at least 12 months.